309 - Holly Starr: More Than Her Scars and Her Bruises

HollyStarr (1).jpg

This week on Courage Cast, I have the privilege of chatting with singer/songwriter, Holly Starr! Holly has been in the music world for years, but these days you can find her touring with Christian artist, Jaci Valesquez. With a new album release and a vigorous tour schedule, Holly is embracing this season of ministry in a way that really inspires me.

On this episode, Holly and I discuss her new album, “Human”, and the heart behind her favorite tracks. We discuss her long struggle with body image and how she found a fresh calling for authenticity and self worth in her music and mission. Holly also discusses her ups and downs with social media and why its so important to unplug. 

A few takeaways from this episode: 

  • You’re so much more than what you’ve been through
  • God’s grace will always be sufficient for you
  • Finding your identity in Christ is the only real way to love yourself and others well

Hearing Holly’s heart for music ministry was such a fun and uplifting time. Be sure to check out her new album wherever you purchase or stream! Thanks for listening to Courage Cast! I’m so excited to introduce you to my new friend, Holly Starr!

Eric Nordhoff