EP. 284 | "Forgiving the Devil in Pew Number Seven" feat. Rebecca Nichols Alonzo

-How do you hug someone who killed your mother- Only the grace and beauty and love and strength of God can give you that ability to love the unlovable.”.png

Join Eric as he hosts a raw and in-depth interview with author and speaker, Rebecca Nichols Alonzo!

They discuss the horrific story of losing her parents at a very young age, and the process of forgiveness that followed. 

Rebecca also tells Eric about being a guest on the Dr. Phil show, and the mental impact of forgiving her mother's murderer on live television. 

We invite you to listen below to this powerful interview, and thank you for hanging with us at Courage Cast! 

We were so encouraged by Rebecca's grace offered live on the Dr. Phil show!Watch a snippet of her interview below, PLUS extra behind the scenes footage of her post-interview discussion with Dr. Phil!
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