EP. 286 | "Singing Through Sorrow" feat. Alisa Turner


Join me this week as I sit down with Integrity recording artist, Alisa Turner! 

Alisa is well known for her ability to connect through stories on stage and through her writing. But hearing the full extent of what she’s had to walk through is truly impactful. 

On this episode, Alisa and I discuss the day she lost her father and the process of grief that’s followed. We talk about her fight with Lyme disease and how she overcame the depression that often coincides with disease. Alisa also shares the heartbreaking story of losing her son, and the power of God’s comfort in the midst of pain. 

At first glance, it seems that Alisa has been dealt a rough hand in life. But to hear her take on tragedy and the faith that follows affliction is incredibly inspiring. Every hardship she’s faced she’s put into her music, making her debut album raw and refreshing as a Christian artist. 

A few takeaways from this episode: 

  • The Lord will never bring you into what you cannot handle. 
  • Sometimes the best way to step out of depression is to look at what has been given vs. what has been taken away. 
  • Pain is seasonal, but that season sometimes requires an army to fight alongside you. Surround yourself with an army of people who are strong enough to carry your burdens. 

I’m so honored to introduce you to my good friend, Alisa Turner. Head over to Courageous Community or the Courage Cast instagram (@thecouragecast) to let us know some of your personal takeaways from our interview!


Be on the lookout this week for Alisa Turner's debut, self-titled album! Every song is written or inspired by the journey she shares on this interview.

One of the highlights of my interview with Alisa was the strength she finds in her marriage to Jaime Lara. If you'd like a different perspective of her story, I encourage you to check out my episode with Jaime recorded earlier this year.

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