EP. 287 | "Smart Passive Success" feat. Pat Flynn


This week, I dive into one of the more applicable conversations I’ve had on Courage Cast with "Smart Passive Income” podcast host and speaker, Pat Flynn!

Pat is a leader and key influencer in the world of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle business. With over 100,000 downloads an episode, his podcast has become a “go-to” in the entrepreneurial world. What I love most about Pat is the vulnerability he brings to a circle that isn’t really known for its celebration of authenticity. 

In this episode, Pat talks about all the scenarios he had to overcome to get the success he’s now experiencing. He tells me about the time his website was hacked, the day a “hater” left a 1,000 word comment that wouldn’t go away, and the time he was almost sued after the launch of his first website. 

A few take-aways from this episode:

  • Fear is not anything to be afraid of
  • The only way to overcome fear is with action 
  • Taking time to unplug is vital to a healthy life 
  • Consistency eventually overrides failure 
  • Prioritize your learning — “Just In Time Learning” (24:10)

Pat Flynn’s perception of fear has certainly evolved over the past few years, and hearing his story really challenged me. It was an honor to sit down with him. I know you’ll glean a lot from this episode, so make sure and comment below, on Instagram, or join the conversation at Courageous Community and let us know a few of your personal takeaways this week! 


In this episode, Pat talks about his new course "Power-Up Podcasting."

If you are interested in starting a podcast and don't know where to begin, I highly suggest getting more info on this training! 

One of the coolest parts of Pat Flynn's influence is his work with Pencils of Promise. This organization specializes in building schools and providing quality educational programming to increase literacy rates in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos, and Nicaragua. 

Check out this video of Pat's experience working with Pencils of Promise! 

Eric Nordhoff