EP. 299 | "Finding Freedom From Addiction" feat. Jessica Harris


On this week’s episode of Courage Cast, I sit down with author and speaker, Jessica Harris to discuss a topic that is all too often swept under the rug. At a young age, Jessica was exposed to pornography for the first time. This began a downward spiral and breakthrough that ultimately led to a God-sized calling she never wished for, but is passionately pursuing. 

In her book, “The Beggars Daughter,” Jessica tells the story of her past addiction to pornography, how it was shamefully discovered, and her long road to freedom. On this episode, we discuss the stigma behind women and pornography and the assumptions on this topic that bind so much shame within the church. 

Jessica’s story may surprise a few, but the statistics show that she is most certainly not alone in her story. She has created an entire ministry dedicated to helping other women rise above addiction, and I was excited to discuss her newest devotional, “Love Done Right” as a great jumping off point. 

This episode was illuminating on so many levels, and I am so thankful for Jessica’s vulnerability and willingness to tell her story. I really believe it will encourage and educate so many on a subject that remains so suppressed. 

A few takeaways from this episode: 

  • Addiction cannot be overcome in isolation.
  • Freedom is only available to those who have the courage to confess.
  • No story or past is irredeemable in God’s eyes.

May you find freedom and courage as you listen to this week’s humbling interview with my new friend, Jessica Harris. 

Eric Nordhoff