EP. 300 | "Running Back From Rock Bottom" feat. Tim Worley


This week on Courage Cast, I had the honor of interviewing former Georgia Bulldogs and NFL running back, Tim Worley! After being a first round pick and landing with the Steelers, Tim embraced the darker side of celebrity. A millionaire at 22, he lost his way and ultimately his career which led him down a road he never expected. 

After being injured and failing multiple mandatory drug tests, Tim was suspended from the NFL. Rock bottom came in the form of deep suicidal depression and 23 days of jail time. However, rock bottom turned out to be exactly what Tim needed. While in jail, he submitted his life over to the Lord and found faith in the midst of the hopeless life he’d built. 

Tim has dedicated his life to motivating others to overcome their past and move forward in their calling. He and his wife, Dee, co-founded Worley Global Enterprise, a consulting firm with a strong focus on Life Skills Coaching and Motivational Speaking. He travels around the world encourages men to take off their masks and live authentically in God’s truth. 

A few takeaways from this episode: 

  • When you heal from your past, you can live in the present and receive all the gifts God has for you
  • Men are meant to be protectors, providers, and leaders 
  • We view our Heavenly Father like we do our earthly father.

I know you’ll be so encouraged by this man of faith! It’s my honor to introduce you to my friend, Tim Worley!

Eric Nordhoff