EP. 301 "No Man Is An Island" feat. Robert Noland


On this episode of Courage Cast, I talk with author of “The Knights Code," Robert Noland about the today’s men and the courage required to build the life you want. Robert’s mission is to release men from a confined life and encourage them to embrace intimacy and pursue their real passions. 

Robert and I get personal about the worlds view of manhood, the ambiguous mid-life crisis, and how fear keeps us from embracing life. I loved hearing his perspective of Adam’s role in the fall of man in Genesis, and how it shaped the future of our roles in family and work. Robert is a fantastic communicator, and I really enjoyed hearing his story of finding his calling late in life and finding the will to pursue it. 

A few takeaways from this episode: 

  • Instead of asking “What bad thing is going to happen,” ask yourself “What incredible thing is going to happen?” 
  • Stop getting sucked into punching a clock and figure out how to hire YOURSELF.
  • No matter what economic level or race, the same thing resonates: Every man thinks he’s an island.

For all my fellow guys out there, this episode is for you! Listen, take notes, and share! Thanks again for listening to Courage Cast, and enjoy this weeks interview with Robert Noland! 

Eric Nordhoff