EP. 288 | "Lord Where Is My Calling" feat. Teasi Cannon


This week I sit down with author and speaker, Teasi Cannon! We discuss the story behind her powerful book, “Lord Where's My Calling?” What I love about Teasi is the depth she brings to every conversation. She has a way of taking difficult concepts like “calling” or “purpose” and simplifying them in the midst of their magnitude. 

On this episode, Teasi shares how she struggled for years over the concept of a “calling,” and how she overcame the fear that her life lacks significance. I was so challenged by a lot of what we discussed, one of which was the two questions Teasi asks God at the end of everyday: “Did I do anything to make you known today?" and "Did I do anything to know you better today?” Teasi and I also discuss the trap of comparison, and how it affects our hearts and moves us away from our purpose. 

A few takeaways from this episode:

  • Small things are BIG to God. Doing little things, or choosing small kindnesses throughout the day reflect the heart of God.
  • Humanity is created to glorify God, we are created to be image makers.
  • Don’t let you search for direction overwhelm your desire to know the Direction-Giver

Teasi has two books out that I highly recommend and will link below! She was a blast to interview, so relatable and gracious. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts this week! But for now, grab a pen and notebook! I’m happy to introduce you to my friend, Teasi Cannon. 


This interview only covered one part of Teasi's story, but I wanted you to hear more about her book, "Big Bottom Blessing!" In this video, Teasi discusses her health journey and how she was inspired to write the book that changed her life! 

Eric Nordhoff